Mask Fox

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Hand painted Ginny Litscher design

Material: jersey softly quilted

Recommended size: 19 – 20.9 cm from middle of the nose to the ear / 15.5 – 15.5 cm from middle of the nose to just under the chin

30°C – 60°C washable

Design also available in un-quilted Jersey

Latex free

Elastic fitting style

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Ditch the clinical look and wear an artistic face mask with your chosen Ginny Litscher hand drawn design. Designer face masks have been growing in demand and have recently become more important than ever, even mandatory in certain cases. These comfortable fashion face masks are made from soft, stretchy, latex free fabric for a comfortable, snug wear. The classic elastic style is fashionable, easy to care for and the fabric stretches to the contours of your face for a smooth, snug fit. Washable at 30°C, and up to 60°C to keep your mask hygienic. They are made from high-quality breathable fabric, meaning they’re anti sweat and allow you to breath easily. The stretchy elastic straps ensure that your mask will stay in place over your nose, chin and mouth.  Washable, reusable, and easy to care for.


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